What if I told you that there is an opportunity to participate in a registered investment-eligible venture that I myself will be participating in, and think you might be interested in too?


  • Are you happy with the returns from your RRSP?

  • How does a 10% tax-free return on your TFSA sound?

  • Can I interest you in a free dinner…?


Jatia Enterprises Inc. and our offices will be co-hosting a Dinner and Lunch with Hi-Rise Capital for clients, referral partners and advisors on:


This presentation on syndicated mortgage investments by Tyler McCabe—a Hi-Rise Representative, is to provide some background and education in this investment space. Also attending is Financial Advisor, Colin Keddy, who has been to both Hi-Rise Capital properties and thinks they are both a strategic and great opportunity in the “purpose built” market space as opposed to the saturated condo space. The owners have invested $10 million of their own money, and the additional funds will be invested in second priority to their money—creating further security for your investment. 


We are organizers of the event, we are not investment advisors. My interest in making you aware is to take away some of the concern of investing in fluctuating mutual funds and stocks, while providing the opportunity of investing in secured real estate, and earning above average returns that can be tax deferred or tax-free, depending on the tax structure you decide to use. The minimum investment is $25,000.


Colin will spend time presenting a comprehensive strategy of building and maintaining your Net Worth that I believe you may benefit from. Even if you have an investment advisor, knowing how a plan can benefit your future will help you consider if you are on the right path. I would be pleased to discuss anything you learn at this evening later on, as we build upon a foundation that can withstand the complexities and uncertainties of this economic environment.


The project on “Adelaide in Toronto” will be built on the existing property that they own, which is fully occupied and cash flowing and as such, provides great security. This is the 18th development and all projects have been completed as projected under the predetermined terms.


I have attached an invitation for your consideration and we look forward to receiving your RSVP regarding which presentation best fits your schedule. If you have a spouse, colleague or other interested party, please advise us. We look forward to enjoying your company at this event!


Thank you very much,



Henry Salomons, CPA-CA


Henry Salomons, CPA Professional Corporation